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Physical intervention training

Physical Intervention Skills and Training

The course is intended to help in reducing the risk to you and others. It will explore strategies and skills for reducing conflict. The physical interventions will be taught for situations where non-physical strategies have failed or are likely to fail. They will be considered within the requirements of your role, and application will be based on the context of where necessary and appropriate, and by the least intrusive means. Ethical, legal and medical issues will be considered.

Course content

  • The requirement to use non-physical skills as far as possible
  • The law in relation to ‘reasonable force’ and ‘self defence’
  • The value of assessing a situation before intervening
  • Using physical intervention as a last resort
  • Possible medical implications
  • The potential legal implications of the techniques
  • Disengagement techniques
  • Escorting and guiding skills
  • Holding skills