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Upskilling for door supervisors in London

The UpSkilling for Door Supervisors award is available at Knightguard. The award includes completing training in physical intervention skills as well as demonstrating knowledge in areas of first aid, awareness of terrorist threats and considerations in dealing with children and young people.  It consists of one day of training and some self-study.

This course is run at various training centres including our centre in London. For information on course dates and venues

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Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors in London

Only door supervisors with older pre-June 2010 qualifications will need to take the new award, as the content is included in the newer post-June 2010 qualification. Since June 2010, a stand-alone physical intervention unit has been available for door supervisors with the older qualifications if they wished to undertake this element. Any door supervisor with the older qualification that have already undertaken the additional physical intervention training will not need to repeat this, but will need to complete the self-study workbook and have it signed by a tutor.

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Physical Intervention Skills for door supervisors in London

The course is intended to help in reducing the risk to you and others. It will explore strategies and skills for reducing conflict. The physical interventions will be taught for situations where non-physical strategies have failed or are likely to fail. They will be considered within the requirements of your role, and application will be based on the context of where necessary and appropriate, and by the least intrusive means. Ethical, legal and medical issues will be considered.