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Changes to SIA Training

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SIA Training changes image On 1st April 2021, SIA made some changes to the training you need to take before you can get a front line SIA licence. More changes are also on the way from 1st October.

From the SIA website, the changes are:

  • we have introduced new, updated qualifications for all sectors except close protection and vehicle immobilisation
  • you must have a first aid qualification before you can take the training required for a door supervisor or security guard licence

We will be making more changes in October 2021:

  • on 1 October 2021, we will introduce updated close protection qualifications
  • from 1 October 2021, you must have one of the new qualifications or take top-up training before you can apply for a door supervisor and security guard licence – this includes renewals

We explain these changes in more detail below.

We have also created a flowchart to explain what the changes mean for people applying for a door supervisor or security guard licence.

Why are we making these changes?

We need to make sure that people working in the private security industry can:

  • keep the public safe
  • follow new working practices
  • understand recent changes to the law
  • make the best use of new technology