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Concierge / Hotel Security


Hotel Security has special needs that are not present in other situations. Not only do guards have to monitor areas such as parking lots, but lobbies and other areas must also be guarded against theft. Guests routinely leave a bag or two behind when checking in, providing an excellent opportunity for thieves to grab something and attempt a quick getaway. These days, you can never be sure that things will go as planned, so having a security guard on duty is always a good strategy.

Each new contract presents Knightguard with a new set of challenges. To be successful in these challenges Knightguard Security carries out a site specific survey. The purpose being to identify exisiting standards of service and to establish high priority areas for security in terms of high visibility patrolling, areas of concern as well as the following:

  • level of cover required/hours and manning levels
  • frequency of patrolling & static positions
  • specific requirements, for example regular duties to be performed
  • level of contract management required
  • property layout, floor maps, our area of responsibility
  • any areas requiring special attention
  • Health & Safety issues
  • training issues
  • function and special event cover
  • frequency of management visits, scheduled and unscheduled

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