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Remote CCTV Monitoring / IP Surveillance

CCTV Control RoomRemote CCTV Monitoring can make an important contribution to security surveillance. It can assist in the cctv monitoring of streets, shops, buildings and other public places. IP Cameras consistently monitored by alert and trained cctv operators at Kniguard Security’s CCTV Control Centre help to create a safer and secure environment; they act as a deterrent to would-be offenders as well as providing valuable evidence to prosecute criminals who choose to ignore the deterrent.


All Knightguard’s CCTV Operators are trained to the highest standards and licensed by the Security Industry Authority.

Protect your business for less than £10.00 per day with our IP Surveillance system, we are offering unlimited alarms and no turning off sites, including a rapid response to your site if necessary.



An effective system is only as good as the cctv operator that is using it, and conversely even if the operator is well trained they will only be as good as the system allows them to be (quality of equipment, number of cameras, positioning etc).

Remote cctv monitoring can provide key evidence in ‘post incident’ investigations, and has brought many criminals to justice.

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