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Store Detectives

We can supply store detectives for your retail outlet

A store detective is employed to deter and detect theft in retail outlets. The term is no longer frequently used in the retail industry. More common terms today with major retailers are Loss Prevention Officer. The job involves patrolling stores in the role of an ordinary shopper, watching for shoplifters. The detective follows any shopper behaving suspiciously, and keeps records of such observations. The key difference between a store detective and a retail security guard is that the former’s role is covert. If they observe an individual stealing, they may arrest suspects.

All Knightguard’s store detectives are trained to the highest standards at our London office and then licensed by the Security Industry Authority.

In line with our company’s policy of ensuring best practice, all staff are required to conform to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Knightguard are committed to a Total Quality Management philosophy.

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