Stab/Slash Proof Vest



Why our stab vests offer blunt trauma protection?

We use 4mm thin sheets of polycarbonate, moulded to the upper body’s shape, for our UK Home Office KR1 and KR2 certified stab proof vests, resulting in an innovative product with a unique infinite lifespan and unrivalled protection from blunt trauma, caused by punches, kicks or blows.After having gained extensive experience within the world of high risk security operations in countries around the world, and after conducting a number of research projects we determined that an impact based assault is a much more likely event than an attack involving an edged weapon or even firearm. All of our stab proof vests offer impact protection on a completely new level… this is unrivalled, groundbreaking and it is certainly eading the way.

Standard stab vests are uncertified and offer blunt trauma and stab resistance only.

KR1 (HOSDB) Stab Vests

KR2 (HOSDB) Stab Vests

3mm Standard Stab Vests

Stab Vest Accessories

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