Application Form


Please complete this accurately, giving as many details as possible of your skills and experience relating to this job application. Short listing will be based on the information gathered from the form, read in conjunction with the person specification. You will be advised of the outcome of your application in writing.


Applicants will be treated in the same way whether they are external or internal candidates. Internal candidates should advise their manager that they have applied for another position.

Position applied for:
Personal Details:
Home Address:
Telephone nos: please include full STD code
Are there any restrictions regarding your employment?
e.g do you require a Work Permit?
*If you answer Yes please supply details on a seperate sheet of paper
How much notice do you need to give to your current employer?

Employment record

Please start with your most recent employment. Briefly describe the main duties and responsibilities of your post. If you wish to expand on specific areas of responsibility, please do so in Section 5: Experience /skills.

Current/most recent employer/organisation


Please tell us about your education and any qualifications which you feel are relevant to the post. Include relevant courses which you are currently undertaking. Please start with the most recent.

Name of school/college/ university/training body Subject studied Qualification/ Level Date gained


Please list any training you have received or courses which did not lead to a qualification but which you feel are relevant to the advertised post.

Training Course Date

Experience / Skills

This section is for you to give specific information in support of your application.
Please set the information out on a maximum of three sides of A4 paper.

After reading the Job Description and Person Specification carefully, consider to what extent you have gained the skills and experience necessary for the post. Your experience need not have been gained in paid employment and may include special interests relevant to the post. It is important that you provide evidence of your achievements by giving examples to support your application. You may wish to use the headings in the person specification in order to set the information out clearly.


Please give name, address and position/occupation of two referees. One must be your present or most recent employer. References will only be taken up for the successful candidate. Testimonials or references from friends and relatives are not acceptable.

Reference 1
Reference 2

Declaration and signature

The information supplied in this application form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

By signing and returning this application form you consent to KNIGHTGUARD using and keeping information about you provided by you – or third parties such as referees – relating to your application or future employment. This information will be used solely in the recruitment process and will be retained for six months from the date on which you are informed whether you have been invited to interview, or six months from the date of interview. Such information may include details relating to ethnic monitoring and disability: these will be used solely for internal monitoring and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Thank you for completing the form.

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